Dota 2 Fun Heroes

Fun Dota 2 Heroes

5th place - Weaver :

The universe, like cloth or matter, is constantly in need of care. Many weavers, like weavers, tirelessly monitor the state of the universe, strengthening their ties and preventing worlds from breaking apart almost literally. Weavers protect matter from the creatures of darkness, which crush it and seek to raise their offspring in unprotected places. Weaver named Skitskur was a master of his craft. In his possession was one of the constantly crumbling parts of the universe, and Skitskur restored it from time to time, doing his job better than anyone else.

But he was very annoyed that all the creative work was in the past. Skitskur began to get sick with the idea of ​​weaving his own world. And he decided to try. Tearing up the old matter, Weaver first began to create something new, and not to restore wasted. Suspecting a revolt in his actions, Great Guardians instantly appeared, who, without any ceremony, cut Skitskur off from the tapestry of the cosmos, but left alive. That was a big mistake. Weaver is finally free, and in order to accomplish his grandiose plan, quite a bit is necessary - only to sever this world at the seams.

Weaver launches a swarm of 12 bugs that cling to any enemy in their path, attacking and lowering their armor until they are killed, or 16 seconds later. Enemies through which he passes, is dealt damage.


4th place - Storm:

Storm Spirit is the power of nature in the most literal sense of these words. It is the energy of wild wind and rain, corked in the human body. And how is this body uncontrollable, fervently and passionately! Only by his presence Storm Spirit energizes anyone, like a good master of ceremonies. But everything was not always so rosy: the beginning of the life of Storm Spirit was laid by tragedy. Many generations ago, on a plateau beyond the whining mountains, the population of one village, good people, suffered from hunger and drought.

The ordinary elementalist, whose name was Gromokag, used a forbidden spell, imploring the spirit of the storm of rain. Furious with the impudence of a mortal, Raidjin in a rage brought down floods and hurricanes on the ground. Gromokag could not resist him - he was many times stronger than him - but he nevertheless found a way out by sacrificing himself and locking the spirit in his body. Since then, the essences of the energetic Raidzin and perky Gromokega are mixed in one physical shell named Raidzin Gromokag, a celestial being wandering on the ground.

Storm Spirit

3rd place - Ember:

The fortress of the Naughty Flame is lost among the whining mountains, its halls are empty, its courtyards are covered with foliage and dust. Inside the fortress stands a topaz cauldron filled with the ashes of the funeral pyre of the warrior-poet Sin. For three generations, Shin trained his minions on the Flame Keeper's technique and set of mantras to train the mind and body, preparing them for the harsh reality behind the fortress wall. But teaching military art, he forgot to teach discipline, and among his students there were rebels who defeated and killed him, and loyal followers had to disappear without a trace.

But even when the years were replaced by centuries, and the followers - by descendants, his teachings were transmitted in a quiet whisper from mouth to mouth. The burning celestial being - the manifestation of fire - touched by the teacher's many years of heritage, rushed into the fortress, once again igniting the remains. From these hot coals, an image of Sina enveloped in flames appeared. His attentive face says about the willingness to train and train, and give the fire of knowledge to all who are looking for a mentor.


2nd place - Tinker:

The dwarf race, from which Boush falls, is famous for its cunning, intelligence and abilities in working with mechanisms. They proudly deny any magic and survive only on their own - with what you can find a rational explanation. As it turned out, such pride does not lead to anything good - and Boush can confirm this by his example. Once he was one of the main researchers of the laws of nature, the founder of the underground laboratory of everything and everyone, located under the shrouded mists of the Violet Plateau.

Despising the magicians and the danger they pose to the world, Professor Boush and his colleagues arrogantly opened a portal to an unknown parallel dimension, for a long time immersed in the parallel worlds of their nightmares. The black mist covered the Violet Plateau, and from there screams of horror began to be heard constantly. Boush is the only one who was able to survive the endlessly long horrors and hardships of that place, using only his mind and the devices found along the way. The only surviving Tinker out of all that went missing in the incident on the Violet Plateau.


1st place - Clinks:

At the foot of the Bleeding Hills, there is a giant forest - a place called Hoven, where the dark creeks absorb the resinous blood of the mountains and where the magnanimous king-magician Sasereks rules. The once loyal defender of Khoven's lands, Clinkz, has earned himself a reputation for his possession of onions. In the three hundredth year of the reign of the king-magician, demon Maraxiform rebelled from the sixth hell to claim their rights to the forest. In response, the mage king cast an indestructible spell: the one who kills the demon will be awarded life without end. Unaware of the spell, Clinkz joined the battlefield, defending his lands from the fiery attack of the demon.

The archer forced Maraxiform to retreat back to the very gates of the sixth hell, where the burning border locked both of them in a deadly battle. Almost finished, the demon let out a sheaf of hellfire, and right there Clinkz sent his last arrow into the air. She struck the demon just at the moment when the hellish flames poured out on the lands, igniting the dark backwaters and burning Clinkz alive. The magician's spell took effect at the very moment of the archer’s burning, keeping him in this terrible state and leaving him to be made of bones and rage, caught in the very process of death and carrying the breath of hell in his journey to eternity.


Dota 2 Anti Fun Heroes

1st place - Doom

Aghanim's scepter in the hands of Doom will deprive one hero of the ability to create spells until he dies (if, of course, he stays in range). Any hero who seems useless and has the only ability with a two-minute recharge and aimed at removing the opponent from the game should be on our list. That’s how Doom got here.


2st place - Viper

This character was created specifically to upset the players in a one-on-one battle. Of course he has no area of action, but he does damage to everyone who attacks him. Add to this slowdown and passive abilities, when both creeps and heroes lower their HP, and you will receive a machine for frustration.


3d place - Naga siren

A tip as old as Dota 2 itself: "The only player who enjoys playing a game with Naga is a player who has a Naga." Her opponents can only watch as creeps, slowly but surely, disappear. Most often, this is a painful death when you find yourself in the heat of battle just to see how the two illusions of Naga knock on the front door. If you are a "happy" owner of Naga in the team, then there may be two ways of development of events. The first is when finally, after 28 minutes, your Naga is announced with Boots of Travel and Radiance. The second is even more hopeless: you cannot kill the enemy creep again while Naga “absorbs” the card, and the only thing that remains is to wait until the player is “ready for battle”.

Naga siren

4th place - Bristleback

The return of this hero to the professional scene brought him almost to the top of our list of heroes we hate. Two spamming spells and 40% less damage from behind. Seriously? Most likely you will spend more time feeding Bristleback, fleeing from four heroes, than trying to kill him.


5th place - Riki

At the lowest level of the game, where people do not know how to buy discoveries, this hero is a rebel. In the middle sector, where players do not want to buy detection, it stands out. At the highest level, where players can bypass detection, Riki becomes just a huge loss to the opponent’s economy. The invisible pest has silence and finally annoying evasiveness.


6th place - Techies

We cannot even argue that this was a difficult decision. There should not be a hero who can stand in one corner of the map, but is able to get the rage in the other, and yet here he is. Techies' many explosives allow it to be deadly from its earliest levels. This miner has already appeared in captain mode and it all looks more useless than ever. The beep will now alert you when you are close to Proximity Mine, but it is often too late for that.