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At the exhibition match with the participation of artificial intelligence and the national team of humanity in Dota 2, which included progamers, commentators and analysts with a high rating, the Elon Musk bot beatsz professional players. The bots beat the people on the first two cards and lost to them only on the third map, when they played the weak heroes that the spectators specifically chose. The match was held according to special rules: teams could not acquire Divine Rapier and Bottle, summon creatures and illusions, and use territory scanning.

Dota 2 is considered a very difficult game - in it the players, who are divided into two opposing teams of five people, play for one of 113 characters with unique and variable characteristics. Dota 2 tournaments have the biggest prize pools in eSports.

Improvise in unfamiliar situations. Open AI reported that the bot learned to improvise, understand what other players will do, and help teammates. Now researchers want to create a team of five bots for a full-fledged game of Dota 2. Commentators and analysts William "Blitz" Lee, Austin "Capitalist" Walsh, former pro-gamers Ioannis "Fogged" Lucas and Ben "Merlini" U, and also e-sportsman David "MoonMeander" Tan played for the national team.

"Although that might not sound too impressive on its own - we've seen Google's AI defeat Go players - Dota 2 is "far more complex than traditional board games like chess and Go"

Musk tweeted

"Dota is a great artificial intelligence test bench; it is a very complicated game with a great competitive scenario.The rules of Dota are so complicated that if you just try to think deeply about how the game works, and you try to write the rules, you wouldn't even achieve the performance of a reasonable player

says OpenAI cofounder Greg Brockman

Since Dota 2 is an extremely complex game, bots have had to play millions of times against themselves. In each game, which has been carried out in an accelerated manner, the bots have learned to coordinate as a team, properly launch their skills, control the map, and learn ways to counterattack. And to be able to learn quickly and process everything, they have used a supercomputer that runs with 256 graphics cards and 128 thousand CPU cores.

Thanks to this, they have already defeated some amateur teams, and even the caster Blitz, who was surprised by the map control of these bots. For example, taking the top and middle lines is crucial in Dota 2, and something that takes a long time to really understand human players. But the bots already knew it, and with this they managed to deny farm to their human opponents and win.

"It's very fun and challenging to play against Bot. I'm sure it is possible to defeat him. But there is no place for even the smallest mistakes."I need many more attempts to achieve it :) I think the first levels are the most important to take advantage. Still it was really fun to play on stage!"

Ishutin tweeted after the game.

Even when the early game was going well for humans, the Open AI bots ended up turning the games, demonstrating that they were able to make teamfights and break the base as well or better than the flesh and blood players.

Dota 2 Bot Tournament

Beyond The Summit conducts a bot tournament called Bot TI.

During the tournament, Dota 2 bots will clash in a knockout tournament in 5x5 teams on a special map. All heroes of Dota 2 participate in the tournament. Each team has five copies of one hero. The mgam is played up to two victories.

Here are the basic rules of the tournament:


All matches - five light bots on identical heroes against five light bots on another hero, one big fight to the last survivor

The game goes up to two victories:

  • The first map is drawn on the fifth level, in the inventory only Ironwood Branch;
  • The third map is the 25th level, in the inventory any items worth 20,000.


  • The grid is generated according to the percentage of hero victories at Dotabuff;
  • Up to 1/8 the net is built in the Single Elimination format;
  • Starting from 1/8 final - Double Elimination;

Additional rules:

The buildup of skills is standard, but there are some limitations according to logic (the CM will not pump the aura, the Lich will not pump the Sacrifice - there will be only one fight);

Talents are pumped in accordance with their popularity, but also with restrictions (XPM and GPM talents will not be pumped for the same reason).