Dota 2 Custom Maps

How to make custom map for Dota 2

How To Make Dota 2 Custom Maps

It's no secret that Dota 2 has a map editor. But few people know that simply by creating content for a popular game, you can become famous, earn some money and get an invitation to work in a large international company. Studying the editor is easy, but there are lots of nuances. It is worth paying attention to the editor Dota 2 as one of the most advanced. Work in it is close to the real “combat experience” of game development, and your own maps with a unique gameplay will be worthwhile when looking for a job in game development.

It doesn't matter whether you like Dota 2 or not. Play it hundreds of hours no one forces. The main thing - the desire to develop modeling skills and a little imagination! My first creation in the editor was a map for solo passing, because such a project is easier to test and easier to create. Making custom games for Dota 2 makes money. The path is not easy, but completely legal. Valve supports the authors of popular mods, allowing them to sell passes and get a percentage of sales. Strangely enough, a game pass is not considered to be a pass to the game and does not give advantages over those who do not have a pass. Bought it gets thirty days of convenience, like extra slots in the chest and a golden frame around the portrait.

It requires x64 operating system !!!

Without Steam Beta Update, your Dota will not be able to update normally, which means you will not be able to play in fashion.

Installing Steam Beta Update and Dota 2 Workshop Tools Alpha

  • In your Steam settings, take part in Beta testing (Steam Beta Update), after which Steam will reboot and start updating.
  • Opens the library. Right-click on Dota 2, select "Downloadable Content"
  • Check Dota 2 Workshop Tools DLC
  • Close and wait for the 5.8GB DLC boot.
  • Open the library again and select in the Tools menu.
  • Download Dota 2 Workshop Tools Alpha

How to play

  • Subscribe to the mod through your page in the Steam Workshop workshop
  • The mod will automatically load and save it to the destination folder

  • Run the usual Dota 2 label (Dota 2 Workshop Tools Alpha!)
  • Click on the menu "Game" go to the tab "Custom games"
  • Sort by "Subscriptions" right-click to create a local lobby and call friends

How To Delete Dota 2 Custom Maps

To start, we install the mode in the files of which we want to get through the game Dota 2.

  • Go to the disk where you have Dot installed
  • In this disc, go to steamlibrary \ steamapps \ workshop \ content \ 570
  • There will be many files called multiple digits.
  • To find the right one for us, go to the folders and open the publish_data.txt files.
  • At the top of this file is written, what kind of mod.
  • Once we found the mod we need, we need to open the .vpk file in the same folder. For this we need GCFScape.
  • Go to GCFScape and click Open. In the window that appears, find the .vpk we need and select it.
  • The root folder appears and there are more folders and files in it. These are the files of that alien custom.
  • Click on the root folder with the right mouse button and click Extract. Next, select the place we need to store custom files and click OK.

Done! We got the files of someone else's custom! Good luck in custom making.

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