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Dota 2 Team Bio: Wings Gaming

Dota 2 Team Bio Wings Gaming


Here, you will find Wings Gaming Dota 2 top team info – allowing you to make an intelligent choice when it comes to betting on esports. Wings Gaming burst into the professional Dota 2 arena in August 2014, just after the International competition.
It is the brainchild of a group of Chinese pub players, who started out as amateurs before honing their skills to become the masters that they are today. These players were joined by a few former Speed Gaming members, whose skill and expertise complemented their efforts for a winning combination.

Highlights & Strengths

2015 was a very successful year for Wings Gaming, and is all the more impressive because the team was only recently formed. They were triumphant in the Dota 2 Secondary Pro League, taking home first prize.
In April 2015, a new and improved roster enabled the team to win the International 2015 Open Chinese Qualifiers. A few ups and downs later, when some doubted the strength of Wings Gaming – they achieved success again, in the form of second place at the Nanyang Championships Season 2.

Branding, Sponsorship, Logo

As with any professional esports team, branding is important for Wings Gaming. The logo is composed of silver wings placed on a blue background – which gives the team a slick and eye-catching image.
There is a wide choice of Wings Gaming wallpaper for pros and fans alike who enjoy demonstrating their allegiance to the group via their desktops or mobile phones. The jersey is a popular choice with fans from all over the world – and a must if you’re thinking of attending one of the big Dota 2 events or competitions.

Team Roles, Expertise, Divisions

Our Wings Gaming Dota 2 top team info would not be complete without an examination of the players within the group, and of each of their roles. The current roster includes the following members:
• Destiny
Destiny, formally called Huang Hao, is in first position within the team. His supporting role has helped Wings Gaming to achieve excellent standings in some of the biggest Dota 2 events around the world
• Zyd
Also known as Zhang Quanda, Zyd takes second position, and also performs a support role
• Han
Han Guangning is in third place, and plays a vital role in helping Wings Gaming to achieve their goals
• Sober
Also known as Liu Renrui, Sober is considered a formidable part of the team
• Icy
Wang Peng is ‘Icy’ within Wings Gaming, and plays a support role. He is considered to be part of the second generation of Chinese Dota players.

Roster & Achievements

The current roster for Wings Gaming represents a house that could potentially enjoy great success in the future. The team is currently considered to be a little unpredictable, but achievements even as recently as 2017 make Wings an interesting choice for esports betting. For example, they gained 3rd-4th place in the ESL One Genting; as well as 9th-12 place in the Dota 2 Asia Champions. A team worth watching – check out Twitch or Reddit.