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Dota 2 Team Bio: ViCi Gaming


ViCi Gaming is a Chinese esports club established in 2012 and based at the team house in Hangzhou, China. The club currently consists of four Dota2 teams; main team ViCi Gaming (VG), secondary ViCi Reborn, the club’s youth team ViCi Potential and a very special new team VGJ.
VGJ (ViCi Gaming Jeremy) has been making all the headlines after its creation in September 2016 with a superstar endorsement deal between ViCi and NBA’s Jeremy Lin. We’ll concentrate on the VGJ Dota2 top team info here.

Highlights / Strengths – as one team falters, a new one takes the limelight

As ViCi move into 2017, the ViCi Gaming of old is on the wane, down to 13th in world standings, 4th in China. A completely new roster moving into 2017 might bring a return to form but our money’s on the new boys VGJ. Currently 18th in the world, 5th in China, few doubt that VGJ will soon rise above the original VG in the ranks.

Branding / Sponsorship / Logo

Sponsorship for ViCi in all forms comes from Monster, Cherry, HyperX, VPGame, Zowie and live streaming/TV sponsors Fire Cat TV and Doom TV. ViCi can be followed across various online streams, including Reddit and
ViCi Gaming’s logo is a silver retro thing, 3D V wrapped in the G. The new team, VGJ, has a stylish white, black and blue logo, again the G wraps around it all, but the V and J combine in white and blue to really pop off the screen.
The teams play in two very different styles of jersey. ViCi Gaming has a super cool black jersey, whilst VGJ play in purple satin jackets with blue and white on the arms. There’s very little VG or VGJ merchandise available, and we for one would love to get our hands on those jerseys.

Team Roles / Expertise/Divisions

The VGJ Dota2 line-up is young and fresh and look set to do great things in 2017.
• Bai “rOtk” Fan: captain and position 3, offlane.
• Position 1: Sun “Agressif” Zheng loves playing Ember Spirit, Phantom Lancer and Gyrocopter.
• Position 2: Liu “Freeze” Chang.
• Position 4: Xu “fy” Linsen, reckoned to be the best Rubick player in the world.
• Position 5: Lu “Fenrir” Chao, with fy he’s part of the top support duos.

Roster & Achievements

VGJ roster: rOtK (captain), Agressif, Freeze, fy, Fenrir. Jeremy Lin is honorary captain.
VGJ might be new, but they’re making waves in 2017, a 5th – 8th place finish at the April 2017 Kiev Majors ($125,000 prize money), 5th – 6th in April 2017s Dota2 Professional League Season 3 ($2177) and 7th – 8th at the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 ($18,359).
As a club, VG’s biggest success so far came in the 2014 season where they had an excellent run of results beginning with 2nd at International 2014 ($1.47million). Following that the team celebrated victories at i-League Season 1 ($155,828), ESL ONE New York ($56,404) and The Summit 2 ($139,910). 2015 saw a dip in form but they still battled valiantly through to finish 4th overall at The International for a massive £1.56million prize.