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Dota 2 Team Bio: VGJ

Introduction / Team Overview

VGJ is a brand new team, formed in September 2016 and part of the Chinese esports club ViCi Gaming based at the team house in Hangzhou, China. VGJ is the fourth Dota2 team in the ViCi Gaming stable, but it’s the one making all the news and not least because of its very special honorary captain.
VGJ stands for ViCi Gaming Jeremy; with the Jeremy in question being NBA superstar and massive esports fan Jeremy Lin. His involvement with VGJ is part of a massive endorsement deal. His involvement with VGJ is yet another link between the NBA and esports, and yet again shows just how seriously the world of esports is being taken after its massive growth.

Highlights / Strengths – big name endorsement backed up with results

VGJ made the headlines with the endorsement deal with Jeremy Lin, but since the start of 2017 they’ve shown that this is no simple vanity project. In fact, the team’s results so far in 2017 have seen them rise up the Chinese and world standings. We’re expecting VGJ to not only overtake Vici Gaming in the rankings very soon, but to potentially eclipse them.

Branding / Sponsorship / Logo

Sponsorship for ViCi Gaming, including team VGJ comes from Monster, Cherry, HyperX, VPGame, Zowie and live streaming/TV sponsors Fire Cat TV and Doom TV. Following the exploits of team VGJ is easy across online streaming on and Reddit.
Team VGJ sports a very cool looking white, black and blue logo, sharp line design meets graffiti stylings with the V and J encircled by the G. The V and J combine in white and blue to really pop off the screen. VGJ play in a purple satin jersey with blue and white on the arms. There’s very little VGJ merchandise available, but we for one would love to get our hands on those jerseys.

Team Roles / Expertise/Divisions

The VGJ Dota2 line-up is young and fresh and look set to do great things in 2017.
• Bai “rOtk” Fan: captain and position 3, offlane.
• Position 1: Sun “Agressif” Zheng loves playing Ember Spirit, Phantom Lancer and Gyrocopter.
• Position 2: Liu “Freeze” Chang.
• Position 4: Xu “fy” Linsen, reckoned to be the best Rubick player in the world.
• Position 5: Lu “Fenrir” Chao, with fy he’s part of the top support duos.

Roster and achievements

VGJ roster: rOtK (captain), Agressif, Freeze, fy, Fenrir. Jeremy Lin is honorary captain. They might be new, but they’re making waves in 2017, a 5th – 8th place finish at the April 2017 Kiev Majors ($125,000 prize money), 5th – 6th in April 2017s Dota2 Professional League Season 3 ($2177) and 7th – 8th at the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 ($18,359). This is a team of massive potential that’s going only one way in 2017 and beyond. Keep an eye on for all the VGJ Dota 2 top team info in future.