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Dota 2 Team Bio: Team OG

dota 2 team bio team OG


Dota 2 champions OG, formerly known as (Monkey) Business, are one of the top rated and highly legendary teams of its type, and was founded by professional players, Fly and n0tail. The European team’s roster also includes experienced players S4, Ana and JerAx.

Perfectly experienced in their previous and current roles and skilled to the max, the team quickly broke through to legendary status this year by coming 1st in the Dota 2 Kiev Major, winning $1 million in prize money.

General ups and downs aside, OG keeps rising higher and higher to the top.

Highlights & Strengths

Though the team suffered a few blows, in house as well as within the championships, they have seen many highs, including becoming the first team to win two official Valve events in Dota 2, after winning Frankfurt and the Manila Major in 2016.

They stood face to face with defeat after being eliminated in the International 2016, finishing 9-12th and then taking 7-8th place in the Shanghai Major, but OG still went on to win the Boston Major in 2016 and then placing 2nd in The Summit 6.

With the title of ‘champions’ and with the 1st place win in the Kiev Major earlier this year, Reddit claimed OG the ‘Kings of Dota’ and noted that the team is ‘among the greatest’.

Branding, Sponsorship, Logo

OG have worked hard on their personal branding, changing the team name and updating the new team, and with sponsorship from the likes of Redbull, OG have developed their brand by building on their kick-ass reputation – and that eye-catching green logo? As if we can’t see that becoming an icon on jerseys or even your desktop wallpaper!
With high views and coverage on Twitch, the OG name is becoming a fast favourite.

Team Roles, Expertise, Divisions

In replacement of players Crlt-, Miracle and MoonMeander, S4, JerAx and Ana were added to the roster in 2016, all bringing experience and much needed expertise to the team.

Despite adjustments in standings, and along with experienced players Fly and n0tail, the team made a strong finish to the year by securing 1st place at the Boston Major and 2nd place at The Summit 6. With Fly as team Captain, and the new members all settled in, they have secured their top Dota 2 team status and the rise of their reputation.

Roster & Achievements

So, let’s meet the players:
● N0tail aka Johan Sundstein
● Ana aka Anathan Pham
● S4 aka Gustav Magnusson
● JerAx aka Jesse Vainikka
● Fly aka Tal Aizik

And, most importantly, what are their Top Achievements:
● 1st Frankfurt Major 2015 ($1,110,000)
● 3rd EPICENTER 2016 ($60,000)
● 1st DreamLeague Season 5 2016 ($50,000)
● 1st Manila Major 2016 ($1,110,000)
● 1st ESL One Frankfurt 2016 ($157,273)
● 1st Boston Major 2016 ($1,000,000)
● 1st Kiev Major 2017 ($1,000,000)

Up to now OG has won four out of six official Dota 2 major championships and has reinforced their status as legends of the game. 2017 is already looking great for OG, but let’s see what the future holds for these championship favourites.