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Dota 2 Team Bio – Team Faceless

Dota 2 Team Bio Team Faceless


Team Faceless is a Singapore-based Dota 2 team which was founded in September 2016, making them one of newest teams on the Dota 2 circuit. They are player-owned, with team expenses being met by Daryl Koh ‘iceiceice’ Pei Xian, who is also the team’s star player.
Despite their relative infancy, the team has already made a big impact in some of the biggest Dota 2 tournaments, finishing top of the standings in several already. The team already has a win rate of 70%, and has begun to already gain a reputation as one of the most skilful and competitive teams on the circuit.

Highlights & Strengths

One of the real strengths of Team Faceless is their leadership, which comes primarily from their iconic captain iceiceice, who is one of the world’s top players. The 26-year-old skipper plays solo-mid or off laner, and has been a professional gamer for just over a decade, giving him a depth of experience which few of his rivals can match. He is the subject of many Reddit discussions, and looks set to cement his iconic status in Dota 2 in the years to come. Read on for more Team Faceless Dota 2 top team info.

Branding, Sponsorship, Logo

Unlike many other esports teams, Team Faceless has no official sponsorship deals in place. Instead, the team relies on funding from iceiceice, who pays the team’s expenses and for a team house in which they live and practice. The team logo is a black and white stylised face, which gives off an aura of mystery and intimidation. The team jersey is dark blue and white, and fans can purchase replica jerseys to complement digital accessories like wallpaper.

Team Roles, Expertise, Divisions

The roster for Team Faceless is well-stocked with talent in all of the team roles. Any esports fan who scans the internet for Team Faceless Dota 2 top team info will soon see just how good the players are. Veteran German Dominik ‘Black^’ Reitmeier plays the role of carry for Faceless, and is a well-known face on the esports media scene, having worked as a broadcast pundit on events such as the Manila Major. Complementing Black^ is Anucha “Jabz” Jirawong, a quietly spoken Thai who, at 18 years of age, is the baby of the team. He plays the role of solo middle, and also offers valuable tactical insight when the team is training and preparing for events.

Roster & Achievements

Completing the line-up are Toh ‘xy-‘ Wai Hong and Wong ‘NutZ’ Jeng Yih, both Singaporeans who have been on the Dota 2 circuit for a while now. Their experience and skill has helped Team Faceless to take first prize at two Minor tier events in 2017: the Manila Masters SEA Qualifier, and the Mr. Cat Invitational Season 2. Those wins have been complemented by a strong display at the Kiev Major in 2017, where they finished in the 5th/8th tier, taking home prize winnings of $125,000.