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Dota 2 Team Bio: Team Empire


Team Empire is well known as one of Russia’s biggest esports organisations, running teams in several esports disciplines. Originally founded in Moscow in 2004, Team Empire started running a Dota 2 team in December 2011, when their Heroes of Newerth squad changed over to the newer game.
Some early teething problems with the new game meant that the roster went through several changes, before they found the right mix of players to deliver success. In 2014 and 2015 the team really found some form, winning a number of premier tier tournaments.

Highlights & Strengths

A real strength of Team Empire is their sheer size as an esports organisation. Backed, as they are, by the sheer muscle of the Team Empire organisation, this has allowed the Dota 2 team to recruit well, and to build a group of players who work well together, and who have generated sustained success.
Total prize winnings of over $1 million bear testimony to how well the team have performed in recent years. Their success is the focus of many discussions on Reddit.

Branding, Sponsorship, Logo

Anyone checking out the Team Empire Dota 2 top team info online will see that the team logo is a striking image of a mounted Roman soldier, helmeted and swinging his sword. The emblem is red, gold and white in colour. The team jersey is black, and features trim in the additional team colours of red, gold and white. Team Empire has a number of sponsorship deals in place with some impressive brands, including, Axe deodorant, Seagate and Omen by HP. Fans can purchase branded merchandise from the team’s official website, including digital accessories like wallpaper.

Team Roles, Expertise, Divisions

One of Team Empire’s more senior players is Vladimir ‘Chappie’ Kuzmenko, who plays as the team’s carry, and favours Meepo, Anti Mage and Lone Druid as his heroes. Chappie, who is Russian, is backed by two fellow countrymen and two Ukrainians on the team.
The two Russians are Rinat ‘KingR’ Abdullin and Yaroslav ‘Miposhka’ Naidenov, who both play in the support role. One of the Ukrainians is Andrey “Ghostik” Kadyk, an off laner who favours the use of Brood Mother, Legion Commander and Batrider as his heroes.
Completing the Team Empire house line-up is the other Ukrainian, Rostislav ‘fn’ Lozovo, a carry or solo middle who has caused controversy in the past with his perceived arrogance and contentious remarks to commentators.

Roster & Achievements

The team enjoyed a golden run of success throughout 2014 and 2015, and into 2016, when they took first place in the standings in a string of premier tier tournaments. Their performances attracted large audiences on Twitch, and really demonstrated the depth of quality in the team.
Team Empire Dota 2 top team info shows that they started this winning streak with victory in the Dota 2 Champions League Season 3 in June 2014. They have also won the Excellent Moscow Cup 2, the StarLadder StarSeries Season 11 and the Game Show Global eSports Cup Season 1 during their run of success.