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Dota 2 Team Bio: Team Bazaar

Dota 2 Team Bio Team Bazaar


In this article, you will find Team Bazaar top team info. We’ll discuss the origins of the team; their highlights so far; and have a look at how they have branded themselves. We’ll also talk about team members, and the contributions that each make to all the big Dota 2 competitions and events.
To allow you to make an informed choice when it comes to esports betting, we will also document some of the achievements of Team Bazaar. This professional group of Dota 2 players is based in Malaysia, and was formed as recently as 2017.

Highlights & Strengths

Despite the fact that Team Bazaar is still in its infancy, potential standings within the Dota 2 industry appear very promising. The biggest strength of Team Bazaar is the fact that they are a youth team.
Young, vibrant and hungry to win – this could be a horse well worth backing. Betting on this group may involve a little more risk than if you choose some of the more well-established teams – but done with a little know-how, it could really pay off and prove to be quite lucrative.

Branding, Sponsorship, Logo

As you would expect with a younger team, the branding of Team Bazaar has a zingy and youthful feel to it. The logo features the initials and the team name in a quirky and fun font in dark blue, with a white background.
They’ve yet to release their own jersey, but we expect that to change in the foreseeable future. The same applies to desktop or smartphone wallpaper – but again, the group is just getting started – so you can expect a choice of customisation options to pop up sometime soon.

Team Roles, Expertise, Divisions

Our examination of Team Bazaar top team info would not be complete without a look at the players, and their roles within the group. There isn’t a current player roster for these rising stars, so we’ll discuss the iGamers who have contributed to the success of the team previously.
• Ahjit
Ahjit, who also goes by the name Lai Jay Son, was in first position within Team Bazaar, and played an important role in some of the biggest competitions this year
• NaNa
NaNa is formally called Kam Boon Seng, and has historically played a Solo Middle role
• KaNg
Chua Soon Kuong is an offlaner, and has achieved impressive success so far – with his total earnings reaching almost $35,000 so far
• Ahfu
Chu Soon Chuan has played both Support and Captain roles, and his earnings are currently estimated to be around $40,000
• xNova
Otherwise known as Jian Wei, xNova played a Support role

Roster & Achievements

Although Team Bazaar is still a very new group of professional Dota 2 players, they have achieved impressive results in a short time. They were placed 5-10th in The Kiev Major 2017 Southeast Asia Qualifier; 1st in another Kiev Major 2017 Qualifier; and 2nd in the Mr. Cat Invitational Season 2. One to keep an eye on, especially on sites like Reddit and Twitch.