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Dota 2 Team Bio: Evil Geniuses

dota 2 team bio evil geniuses

Since 1999, Evil Geniuses have successfully competed in a range of esports including league of Legends, Starcraft II and Halo. The primarily North American team includes players such as the infamous Arteezy, and is now coached by the long-time player Fear – who has played competitively since 2006.

Highlights and Strengths

Evil Geniuses’ Dota 2 team have won a variety of tournaments in recent years, including The International 2015 – receiving one of the largest prize payouts in esports history ($6.6 million of an $18 million prize pool) – and more recently took first place in Dota Pit Season 5. Evil Geniuses have a strong roster of players, who are not only experienced but greatly admired by communities such as Reddit and Twitch – each member renowned for their on (and off) screen charisma.

Regularly admired for their consistency within the Dota 2 community, and for maintaining high standards throughout competitions – they have very few blunders to name. This is likely a virtue of their ability to draw up strong strategies such identifying strong lanes for their cores when drafting. Versatility of the players is another strength, with players often able to play at a top level multiple roles and heroes; this makes it difficult for the opponents when drafting.

Branding & Sponsorship

Due to its long-standing presence, Evil Geniuses have developed a strong fan base with their own dedicated Sub-Reddit, website, Twitch and Facebook page. Fans are proud to carry the logo, with a large selection of merchandise available from jerseys to mouse mats. The team is sponsored by several major brands including but not limited to Monster Energy, SteelSeries, SanDisk and AMD – all providing support to the players, brand and house. The iconic branding and sponsorship is evidential of Evil Genius being one of the longest standing and most successful esport teams in history.

Team Roles & Expertise

The team is coached by Fear, who is generally regarded as one of the most iconic players of the decade. Currently on the roster are Crt1-, zai, Universe, SumaiL and Arteezy, which makes a decorated five man roster of perhaps the strongest players ever assembled – all backed up by a rock-solid support system. Crt1- acts as captain and provides strong support within the team. The oldest player is Universe, who is a valuable asset when a game needs to be levelled out. On the contrary, the young and successful SumaiL has played since 15 and is notorious for mid lane play. This leaves Zai, the most diverse player and finally Arteezy, who is said to have broken down game convention with his play style.


Evil Geniuses have been consistent with their roster. Despite controversy in 2016 with Arteezy and Universe briefly leaving to play for Team Secret, the team has reformed and maintains a good dynamic. Now looking to qualify for The International 2017, Evil Geniuses have strong future prospects in the rapidly competitive world of esports.