Dota 2 Betting Payment Methods

Betting Tips

Betting on esports has never been as popular as it is now, and it looks set for even more growth in the coming years. Increasing numbers of mainstream bookmakers are now offering markets on Dota 2 and other esports games, while the number of esports specialist bookmakers, such as GGbet, has also risen.
Obviously, online betting involves transferring often large amounts of cash from personal accounts to bookmakers, so it needs to be safe and secure. Here, we will take a look at some of the Dota 2 betting payment methods which are available online, and outline how they work, and help esports gamblers make an informed choice about which ones to use.

Paying with Cards

The vast majority of bookmakers offer credit and debit card payment options, with Mastercard and Visa being the most common. Indeed, if you are betting online in the UK, this is probably the safest and most efficient method to use to transfer money into your online betting account.
Using credit cards or debit cards is very simple, as all you need to do is to register your card details when you sign up for an account with a bookmaker. Making payments is simply a question of clicking the right tabs on the pages relating to your account at the bookmaker’s website. This is by far the most convenient method of payment, but may not be possible if you are using a bookmaker based outside your home territory.

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets, sometimes called e wallets, have become very popular in recent years, and can be used as Dota 2 betting payment methods. Possibly the most famous e wallet payment method is Paypal, which is accepted by many bookmakers. Other Dota 2 betting payment methods of this type are Skrill, Neteller and Paysafecard, amongst others.
These methods have developed alongside the rise of internet shopping, and are backed up by encryption technology of the highest standard. One thing which needs to be remembered when using an e wallet is that the user has enough funds in it to cover transactions. Most e wallets can be linked directly to a bank account.

Bank Transfer

Cash can also be transferred to some bookmakers using a direct bank transfer. Customers who what to use this method should check with their chosen bookmaker’s customer service department to ascertain account details, and how long transfers take. Transferring money in this way is usually subject to some delay, simply due to the way the banking process works.

Other Methods

Despite the advance of digital technology in recent years, many people still prefer to use old-fashioned paper cheques to settle their accounts. Although not very common these days, sometimes it is simpler to use a cheque to transfer large amounts of money, and to more easily keep track of transactions. Despite the general rarity of cheque usage nowadays, some bookmakers will still accept cheques as a payment to clear account debts. Customers who want to use cheques to pay should check with customer services at their chosen bookmaker to ensure it is acceptable, and to which address they need to post the cheque.