Dota 2 Betting – Is it Legal?

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Is Dota 2 betting legal?

Esports betting is beginning to make a big impact on mainstream bookmakers, but many Dota 2 fans are still unsure of just how legal betting on their favourite esports actually is. The good news is that, outside of the USA anyway, there is plenty of opportunity to bet legally on Dota 2. Here, we’ll take a look at the kind of Dota 2 betting legal sites can offer, as well as some information about the difference between licensed cash betting and skin betting.

Types of Bookmakers

The most important thing to check before opting to use a bookmaker is their licensing arrangements. Each bookmaker is licensed to operate in some countries, but not necessarily in others. This information is usually simple to obtain, as it will be listed at the bottom of the bookmaker’s home page. Many companies are licensed in the Dutch Antilles, for example, which means they can accept bets from some EU countries, but not others, such as the UK. Other companies are registered in Malta. Many UK bookmakers have their headquarters in Gibraltar, which covers them for the UK, but not necessarily other European countries.

The country breakdown (UK, Germany, Netherlands, Nordics) of a bookmaker’s licence can also be checked in a bookmaker’s terms and conditions. It is really important to check this, as placing cash money bets at a site which is not licensed for your territory of residence is highly illegal.

Most mainstream UK bookmakers now offer esports betting, and many of them will provide markets for the premier Dota 2 tournaments, such as the Kiev Major.

Types of Betting

The type of markets Dota 2 betting legal sites provide usually consist of match betting, which is where a punter places a wager on the winner of an individual match. Punters can combine three or more of these bets into an accumulator, where the odds are multiplied together.
Another way of placing bets on match outcomes is handicap betting, where a losing team can still produce a winning bet, as long as they lose by less points than the handicap number awarded to them by the bookmaker.

So called futures bets are also common, where punters bet on the likely winner of a tournament. In play betting has also become available at many bookmakers now, which is where punters bet on events such as next map winner, while the match is taking place.

Another type of betting on Dota 2 is skin betting. This is where players bet items from their own personal gaming inventory on matches and tournaments. This is different from normal betting in that no real money changes hands. This can be a good way of betting on sites which are not licensed for your home territory, or if you are based in the United States. This type of betting sometimes has more in common with a raffle than with real money betting, but it is an accessible way of betting for newcomers to the world of esports gambling, particularly.