Dota 2 Betting: Odds Comparison

Overview of Dota 2 betting

Part of the Warcraft family of games from Blizzard Entertainment, Defense of the Ancients 2 was released in 2013. Produced by Valve Corporation, the game has become a staple of the professional esports circuit, with a host of tournaments now played. Indeed, the prize pools on offer in many Dota 2 tournaments have become truly massive, and are amongst some of the biggest available in any esports discipline on the world scene. Many iconic esports teams have Dota 2 rosters, and events attract huge audiences on Twitch and other streaming services.

Online multiplayer action

In substance, Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, in which two teams of five players compete against each other. Combining elements of role playing and real-time strategy, the format of the game lends itself to competitive gaming. Each team of five players controls a base, which sends out small combat units known as ‘creeps’ throughout the game.

These creeps then attack players and towers controlled by the opposition team. Towers are strategically placed structures, which are in the same places on the game map in every Dota 2 game. The ultimate aim for each team is to destroy the central building in the opposition’s main base. These central buildings are referred to as ‘Ancients’, hence the name of the game. The two teams are known as ‘Dire’ and ‘Radiant’

Each individual team member controls their own ‘hero’, drawn from a list of over 100, each with a range of special abilities. Each of these heroes can gain levels throughout the match, by killing opponents or eliminating creeps. New levels result in new abilities. For each match, a hero’s level reverts to one, meaning that they can only access one of their special abilities – Heroes can achieve a max level of 25 in any given game.

Every conceivable wager

Betting on Dota 2 takes a number of forms. The most common form is simple bets on match outcomes. There are other ways of betting on the game, though, and each tournament provides gamblers with a number of different possible markets. How these function and where they can be found will be detailed below. Some of the betting on the game revolves around using tokens or ‘fake money’ on specialist esports bookmaking sites. This article will focus on real money gambling, though in some countries, such as the USA, betting with real money on esports events is not legal.

Dota 2 tournaments have held records for being the most lucrative esports tournaments ever, with the fourth version of The International Dota 2 event having a total prize pool of $10.9 million. This exceeded the prize money on offer for many mainstream sports events, such as cycling’s Tour De France, and golf’s The Masters. With such large amounts of cash on offer to players, it is little wonder that Dota 2 betting has grown in recent years, with increasing numbers of bookmakers offering markets on the game’s major events.

Dota 2 Markets

There are a number of betting markets which are commonly offered for people who want to bet on Dota 2 events. By far the most common and straightforward of these is betting on the winner of individual matches. These bets are normally a simple case of choosing a winner from a match and placing a bet that they will win, but there are variations. Bettors sometimes bet on match handicaps, which is where a bookmaker gives each team a plus or negative score.

For the bet to win, the team must win by at least the number of points given in the handicap. This can add a touch more interest to the process of individual match betting, and can mean that punters can still win good money by betting on weaker teams. A team with a negative handicap does not actually have to win the match for the bet to be successful, they just have to lose by less than the handicap number.

Accumulate experience

Individual match bets can often carry quite low odds in Dota 2, and match betting on the early rounds of tournaments can sometimes seem a little unexciting, with favourites losing few early-round matches and upsets a rarity. Using accumulators is a way that experienced gamblers look to boost the odds in this kind of situation. Accumulators work by a punter making several bets on one coupon, with the odds from each individual bet being multiplied together.

The winnings from the first bet on the coupon are then used as a stake for the next bet, so the eventual winnings are multiplied exponentially too. The drawback of this type of bet is that if one bet on the coupon loses, the whole betting slip fails. Nevertheless, bookmakers sometimes offer special deals for accumulators, making Dota 2 betting odds potentially more lucrative.

Bet on live play

Bookmakers are also offering more opportunities to bet live and in play on Dota 2 tournaments, though this is still in its infancy. Punters can bet on events such as the first map winner, or the first player to a certain number of kills. Live, in-play betting requires the punter to be able to see the game live. Some bookmakers offer live streaming services via their websites, often in partnership with Twitch, which makes in play betting a much simpler process for punters.

Away from match betting, many bookmakers also now offer markets on tournament outcomes. Punters can bet on overall tournament winners, or whether or not a certain team will reach the semi-finals or finals. Bets can also be placed on who will win group stages. Some bookmakers may also take bets on the feats of individual players, such as who will win the MVP award for a specific tournament.

Odds Comparison

Making the most of the available markets on Dota 2 means that, at some stage, you are going to have to compare different prices for the same bet from different bookmakers. This can be a time-consuming and complex process, which is why it is handy to only to have to visit one web page to do it. Here, you can find odds from different bookmakers compared and contrasted, in an easy to read format.

Dota 2 betting is still really in its infancy, and bookmakers, both mainstream and specialist bookmakers alike, are still getting to grips with how best to set odds for events and tournaments. This means that there can be some variation between the odds on offer from different companies.

Setting out these variations and allowing punters to make their own minds up as to where they will wager their cash is the main purpose of the odds comparison page. We aim to help customers find the best Dota 2 betting odds available, and take full advantage of them.

Our odds comparison page allows punters to make an educated choice when it comes to selecting the right bookmaker for them. Many bookmakers also offer welcome bonuses and promotional boosts to customers at various times, sometimes relating to specific events or times of year. Our odds comparison page will also help punters to identify which bookmakers provide the best bonuses for betting on esports.

Why you should use us

Finding odds which offer the best value for punters can be a time-consuming and complicated process, especially when there are other things to take up your time. Research is obviously a key part of betting successfully, but having to compare various bookmakers can take a lot of hours which would be better spent doing something else.

Our odds comparison page takes a lot of the graft out of finding the best available online odds. By checking with us first, before you head over to your favourite bookmakers, you can ensure that you get the best price possible for your bet.

Don’t miss out

No one likes to feel as though they have missed out, and seeing a better price quoted at an alternative bookmaker after you have placed a bet can be really frustrating, especially if the bet ends up coming in.

Our odds comparison page allows you to access all the best prices in a matter of seconds, rather than hours. Simple and straightforward to navigate, the page can direct you to the best places for your Dota 2 bet, leaving you time to enjoy the match and then, hopefully, see the winnings roll in. With additional information about betting strategies, players and teams available on site, we can function as a one-stop shop for all your Dota betting needs, helping you to nail down which bets are likely to make you a winner.

Bookmakers offering Dota 2 betting odds is still a very new thing, and customers need as much support as possible when it comes to finding the best place to bet. Our odds comparison page will rid the process of confusion, and give punters clarity and confidence when it comes to placing Dota 2 bets.