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Dota 2 Team Bio: CompLexity Gaming

Dota 2 Team Bio CompLexity Gaming


CompLexity Gaming is one of the best known esports groups in the world, boasting connections with a variety of the most popular games. These include: Heroes of the Storm, Call of Duty, Hearthstone, Heroes of Warcraft, Heroes of Newerth, Starcraft 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive – and Dota 2.
In this article, we will focus on CompLexity Gaming Dota 2 top team info – so that you can bet on all the big Dota 2 events with full confidence.

Highlights & Strengths

CompLexity Gaming is an esports team that has been around for longer than almost all the others. The group started out in 2003, and was founded by industry expert Jason ‘1’ Lake – and is considered to be one of the biggest players within Dota 2 and other esports events.
The team’s strength lies in their collective experience and expertise, which other Dota 2 professionals simply don’t have. The Dota 2 team was created in 2011, and was formerly an unknown group called FIRE. With the backing of this major organisation behind them, they have gone from strength to strength in recent years.

Branding, Sponsorship, Logo

As you might expect with a Dota 2 house that has the might of a company of industry experts, they have got their branding just right. The logo features two ‘C’s intertwined with each other, one in bright red and the other in grey.
The team jersey is black and complemented by the bright and eye-catching logo – and is a popular choice with fans all over. You can pick up CompLexity Gaming wallpaper for your computer or smartphone from many different sources online.
In terms of sponsors, the team is well supported. Organisations that have chosen to align themselves with these iGaming giants include: SoundBlaster, CyberPower PC, newegg, Corsair Gaming, Creative, Twitch, DXRacer, Scuff Gaming, Pwnit Wear, and LootMarket.

Team Roles, Expertise, Divisions

For CompLexity Gaming Dota 2 top team info, you need to know about the players and the vital roles they play in the group’s success. There are just three members of the team who are currently permanent members, and these include the following:
• Moo
Moo, or David Hull has adopted both Carry and Offlaner roles – and has years of experience under his belt. He started out at the age of just 14, and has enjoyed significant success since then
• Zfreek
Also known as Zakari Freedman, Zfreek is a fellow American who earned his initial esports stripes by playing Heroes of Newerth, before moving onto Dota 2 in 2014. He performs a Support role
• Melonzz
Kyle Freedman is Melonzz, and he plays both Support and Captain roles within the team

Roster & Achievements

The three players discussed are the only team members who are on the current roster. They are supported in achieving the great standings of the team by a variety of temporary stand-ins, although we expect this to change in the future. Check sites like Reddit for more details. Most recently, CompLexity Gaming achieved 9th to 16th place in The Boston Major 2016; and 5th to 6th place in the ESL One Frankfurt 2016.