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Dota 2 Team Bio: Alliance

Dota 2 Team Bio Alliance

Introduction / Team Overview

Swedish-based Alliance are a professional esports organisation founded in Sweden and have been competing in Dota2 and Super Smash Bros since 2013. Formed out of now disbanded team No Tidehunter – alongside StarCraft veteran Naniwa – they won the International just few months after formation. From there they finished 3rd in the regular season, and have been somewhat competitive over the last few years. Created with the intention to showcase Scandinavian and European eSports globally, they are led by the honourable Alex Garfield. With such a varied history, finding the Alliance Dota2 top team info is rather easy – and somewhat entertaining.

Highlights / Strengths

In regards to career highlights, winning the International on the year of their foundation is one of their most impressive moments. They then went on to qualify for the G-1 Western Qualifiers, which they went through and swiftly qualified for the China event finals, where they went on to win in an almost flawless fashion, defeating LGD Gaming 2-0 and achieving the much desired 7-0 final score – the first Western team to win a LAN tournament in China.

Branding / Sponsorship / Logo

Their logo is a large ‘A’ resting on top of large green shield. It appears in an almost comic style, easy on the eye and stylish. Their jerseys are jet black with logo over the chest. In regards to sponsorship they are backed by Monster Energy, Razer, XMG, DesignByHumans, HyperX, AXE, NEEDforSEAT, Sony and Logitech. From their sponsors alone you can tell they are something to be desired and great asset to the sport. You can also download their official wallpaper from their website.

Team Roles / Expertise/Divisions

The current team line-up includes captain Jonathan Berg (Loda), one of the most popular Dota2 veterans and up there as one of the best. He achieved legend status in the eyes of the Chinese during the 2007-2008 season, and is still a popular figure in the Dota2 community. He is regarded for his great energy and the ability to lead allies, and is often noted for his flair and tenacity – perfect for maintaining a positive atmosphere in their team house. He is joined by Limmp (Linus Blomdin), jonassofan (Jonas Lindholm), Handsken (Simon Haag) and EGM (Jerry Lundkvist).

Roster & Achievements

The current roster contains:
– Loda
– Limmp
– Jonassofam
– Handsken
Their achievements are many, with a 3rd place finish in the World Electronic Sports Games in 2017, bringing home $200,000 for Alliance. The finished in the 9-12th standings bracket in the 2016 International, winning $311,557.
Futhermore, they have won the following:
– 1st in the StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 1
– 1st in the World Cyber Arena 2015
– 2nd in the joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2
– 1st in the Dota2 Champions League Season 1
Alongside winning the International in 2013 (winning over $1.4 million) and the DreamHack Summer 2013 ($21,633) they have had a very successful career. For more Alliance Dota2 top team info, alongside many more, find our range of team bios on the dedicated page here.